It is essential not to eat certain foods (sticky or too hard). If you take off the bracket by not respecting these dietary instructions, the treatment times is extended. Once a bracket is lost, the tooth no longer follows the prescribed movement. It will then be necessary to regress in the treatment plan in order to be able to compensate for the tooth that has the detached bracket.

Sometimes, if you're not careful with your diet, your brackets won't necessarily come off right away. However, fatigue will eventually build up and then your bracket will disconnect.

Here is the list of forbidden foods:

·  bread crust, bread stick, croutons

·  hard fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, carrots (pre-cut them)

·  chewing gum, gummies

·  Sticky granola bars or other similar bars.

·  Popcorn

·  Do not bite on ice

Careful with:

·  Corn: must be removed from the cob before eating

·  Fruits with cores in the center

·  Nuts

·  Olives

·  Maple taffy, caramels, hard candies (let it melt)

For patients with significant caries risk, it is necessary to reduce sugar consumption (candies, desserts, sodas, maple syrups, etc.).

Finally, do not bite your nails or nibble your pencils.

Patients with clear aligners can only drink flat water with trays in their mouth. All other drinks are prohibited.

Remember, frequent snacking, increased amount of sugar intake or acidic beverage and poor brushing will contribute to white marks on your teeth (white spot lesion) and a higher risk of decay.