Loose Band or Bracket

Loose Band or Bracket

Call the office when you notice a break of this kind and we will assess the urgency of the problem and the need to make another appointment to have the repair done.

Brackets are the part of orthodontic appliances bonded to the teeth with a special adhesive. They are usually positioned in the center of each tooth. The bracket can fall off if the patient eats something hard or crunchy, or if the patient experiences trauma to the mouth. If the loose bracket is still on the wire and is moving, you can put wax on it.

It is essential not to eat certain foods (sticky or too hard). If you take off the bracket by not respecting these dietary instructions, the treatment times is extended. Once a bracket is lost, the tooth no longer follows the prescribed movement. It will then be necessary to regress in the treatment plan in order to be able to compensate for the tooth that has the detached bracket.

Sometimes, if you're not careful with your diet, your brackets won't necessarily come off right away. However, fatigue will eventually build up and then your bracket will disconnect.

We encourage all patients to wear a mouth guard during sports games.

If a fixed or bonded appliance such as a palatal expander, comes loose on one side, push the loose side and temporarily reinsert it. If both sides are loose, completely remove the appliance. In either case, stop activations if the treatment is still in its active phase and call our office to make an appointment.