Orthodontics For Adults

Orthodontics For Adults

Orthodontic treatments in adults are often multidisciplinary, your dentist will most likely be involved in order to obtain the best results from the treatment. 


For adult patients, the goals of orthodontic treatment will vary: to fix the smile, to close extraction spaces to avoid prosthetic solutions, to facilitate the production of dental prostheses (implants, crowns, etc.), to improve the periodontal environment (gum and bone supporting the teeth).


In the case of severe malformations of the jaws (no more growth in an adult patient), braces combined with surgery can be performed to reposition them correctly. The aesthetics of the face is thus often greatly improved.


The duration of the treatment can be incredibly variable depending on the objectives set.


In the absence of growth, treatment options may be more limited. There are still a multitude of options that can be discussed and that will certainly meet the specific needs of each and everyone. Treatments can be completed with less visible traditional brackets or clear aligners, thus offering interesting aesthetic options. It's never too late to improve your teeth!


Examples of treatment options for adults:

·  Treatment with clear aligners (also known as Invisalign, Spark, 3M Clarity, etc.)

·  Conventional or aesthetic brackets

·  Orthodontic treatment combined with jaw surgery

·  Closing the space of an extracted tooth

·  Orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery in order to help sleep apnea