Orthodontics For Teenagers

Orthodontics For Teenagers

Braces generally begin when all the permanent teeth are present.

Puberty offers another opportunity to influence growth for certain malocclusions using different devices and mechanisms. The residual growth, available during adolescence, often makes it possible to reduce skeletal discrepancies (if these skeletal disorders have not been treated in the young child). 

Generally, for this phase of treatment, conventional braces or clear aligners (also known as Invisalign, Spark, etc.) are proposed to ensure the best result. 

With the growing popularity of clear aligners, it is normal for some teenagers to want to be treated with this technique. It is important to discuss with the orthodontist if your child is an ideal candidate for this treatment modality.

Example of treatments for teenagers:

·  Treatment with clear aligners (also known as Invisalign, Spark, etc.)

·  Conventional or cosmetic brackets

·  Conventional, mini-screw assisted or surgically assisted palatal expansion